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After School Enrichment (ASE)
Chair:  Heather Trask & Brenda Szerlong
Committee chairs are required to meet with committee to help plan/organize classes.
Volunteers are needed for check-in/ check-out for each day of ASE, for finding and organizing classes, and for leading classes.
After school enrichment is a month long program held in February. These classes will allow your Bobcat to explore new hobbies and learn new skills. Classes are parent-taught, teacher-taught, and outside vendor-taught. 

Art Show/Ice Cream Social
Chair:Lauren Dethloff
Committee chair is responsible for organizing the evening by coordinating with the art teacher, ice cream vendors, and finding volunteers to help display art work and hand out tickets and ice cream.
Volunteers are needed for each classroom for displaying art work before the art show as well as the night of the ice cream social to help pass out tickets and ice cream.

·          This event is held on an evening in April. The halls of the school are decorated with the masterpieces selected by the students of the work they have created throughout the year in Art class. Students are thrilled to showcase the work they have created. Ice cream will be available in the cafeteria throughout the night. 

Chair: Kate Bennett
No volunteers needed.  
The chair is responsible for coordinating with the principal and working with the budget to find various assemblies throughout the school year. 
Art Volunteers in the Classroom (AVIC)
Chair: Erin Cantu & Karen Delaney
The chair is responsible for organizing the volunteers obtained through classroom sign-ups and maintaining the art collection and supplies located in the work room.
Volunteers are needed for each classroom on a monthly basis. Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers organize AVIC for their classrooms.  
AVIC is a district wide program. Presentations about artists/paintings in class. Once a month a parent goes into a class to speak about a particular piece of art from the district's permanent art collection. Usually it consists of a short lesson about the artist followed by an art project created by the students. No art experience is needed.  
Barn Dance
Co-Chairs: Stacia Carlson & Darrell Griffin 
The chair coordinates and oversees the production of the dance.
Volunteers are needed to help decorate before the barn dance, in addition to helping with the games, food, and DJ. 
This fundraiser, held on a Friday evening in March, transforms our school into a barn. Students (& parents) dress in their favorite Western wear, dance to a DJ, play carnival games, all while taking breaks for hot dogs, pizza, snacks, and root beer floats.  
Book Fair
Co-Chairs: Kelly Franzen
The chair facilitates the logistics associated with the Scholastic book fair in September & May. 
BG Mascot
Chair: Joe Blomquist 
Builds an event schedule the mascot will attend and ensures the mascot role is supported (potentially by multiple individuals)  
Volunteers may be needed to fill the role on various occasions.
Bingo Night
Chair: Diana Kruis & Courtney Habas
The chair is responsible for maintaining the bingo cards, chips, and other supplies kept in the PTO closet. In addition to coordinating prize donations and snacks for the evening. 
Volunteers are need to help procure prize donations, to work the bingo card, snack, and prize tables, and a volunteer for an emcee for bingo calling is needed.
Bingo night is another PTO fundraiser that's held once a year. This event is typically held near the end of January. Bingo prizes include small donated items in addition to gift cards and coupons from local businesses. 
Book Club
Co-Chairs: Jamie Hadzima
The chair helps facilitate the club meetings, picking the books, and arranging club schedules.  
Box Tops
Chair:Courtney Habas & Diana Kruis
The chair helps clip and count box tops and labels for education labels. Responsible for monthly classroom contests, announcing the winning classroom, making special frame to hang outside winning classroom. Also responsible for submitting box tops and labels for education to the companies for reimbursement of money or points.  
Volunteers may be needed to help sort and count labels.
Each month of the school year, families send in box tops to their child's classroom to collect to help raise $ for the school. 
Chair: NEEDED!
Oversee small groups participating in class run by Sylvan after school.  
Volunteers needed weekly during sessions.   
Community Pass
Chair: Heather Trask & Andrea Benavidez
Coordinates the task requirements to run the system/process.
No volunteers needed.  
Community Rewards
Co-Chairs: Diana Kruis & Karri White
Organize community fundraiser events at participating restaurants. 
No volunteers needed.  
Decorations & Outdoor Beautification
Chair: Kelly Sychowski
Decorate the B-G lobby cases and boards and foyer. Taking care of all the planters in front and side of the school.
Chair: Heather Trask & Andrea Benavidez
Coordinates the tasks required to collect and document the information that will be documented. 
No volunteers needed.  
District PTO
Chair: Kelly Cameron
Represents Bell-Graham on the District 303 PTO Board. Presents information back to the Bell-Graham PTO after monthly DPTO meetings.
Volunteers Welcome.  
Fall Festival
Co-Chair: Candace Kloss & Michelle Tsiftilis
Help plan and execute family "fun fair" held at the end of October
Kindergarten Round Up
Chairs: Kate Bennett & Andrea Benavidez
This is a very informal gathering at the school playground (community room if raining) after Kindergarten School Supply Drop Off.  The aim is to allow incoming Kindergarteners and their families to mingle at the school AFTER they have visited their classrooms and met their new teacher.  Popsicles are purchased and offered to the students while they play outside.
Movie Night 
Chair: Jennifer Benesh
Organize 1-2 family movie nights during the school year.
New Family Welcome
Chair: Stacia Carlson
Welcome new families e.e. having a coffee, getting acquainted with the school and neighborhood.  
No volunteers are needed. 
Parent Trivia Night
Chairs: Kate Bennett & Andrea Benavidez
This committee plans the most fun event of the year for parents only!  Meetings will be hed to plan and organizr=e the event beginning in November/December.
Volunteers are needed to solicit local and regional businesses for donations for the Silent Auction and Raffle baskets.  Help will also be needed the evening of the event to help set up and tear down.
School Supply Packs
Chair: Volunteer Needed
Works with the vendor to setup the online ordering and any other tasks associated with delivery.  
Spirit Sticks
Chair: Kim Oeltgen
Spirit Sticks are small embroidered, fun tags that attach to kids backpacks.  We sell them mostly at after-school and evening functions, and also a couple of time through the year during the lunch periods.  
Volunteers help sell these cute tags at events.
Spirit Wear
Chair: Andrea Benavidez
Facilitates the ordering and delivery of spirit wear.  
Volunteers are needed for events that spirit wear will be sold at.
Staff Appreciation
Chair: Sara Barnes
Support faculty and staff with luncheons, cookie exchange, and recognition. 
Volunteers are needed to help provide various food & items for appreciation breakfasts, lunch, snacks, etc.  
Talent Show
Chair: Heather Trask & Lindsey Benks
Coordinate, oversee, and plan Bell Grammies Talent Show. Students will be allowed to perform a talent, acting, singing, dancing, etc. This is one of our fundraisers for the year.  
Volunteers are needed for the night of the performance in addition to set-up and rehearsals.
Used Book Sale
Chair: Kristin Jessup
Coordinate donations of used children's and young reader books to be sold during the Art Show/Ice Cream Social.  Oversee the organization of book categories, signage and set up.  
Volunteers are needed to sort books a few days before the sale, and to help set up and clean up from the event.
Welcome Back Picnic
Chair:Brenda Szerlong
Help organize and plan the picnic held during the evening the first few weeks of school.
Chair: Nessa Hendricksen
Organize and create the yearbook. Collect pictures from parents for classroom and event page.  
Volunteers are needed to collect pictures from each classroom.