E-NEWS Communications Guidelines

E-blast Communications Guidelines
  • Please completely write up what you want submitted for your committee. 
            •  Please include dates, times, and deadlines.
            • It's best if you keep your information as short and simple as possible. 
            • If you need to convey a lot of information for your event, write everything up in a word or PDF document and then I will copy the link to the website and the E-News. But you will still need to write a short, quick blurb giving the readers quick information about the event and that they need to click on the link for more information. 
            • If you are using Community Pass for your event, please add in your blurb to click on the link to Community Pass and then I will add that link to the blast. 
            • Keep in mind that people tune out quickly. If your blurb is run for too many weeks, people will skim over it. I would suggest only running it for no more that 2 weeks in a row. We can always skip a week or two then reword and resubmit. 
            • I need all blurbs by Monday evening to go in that week's E-News. I have to organize the document, send to the PTO for approval and then to Principal Klueppel for approval before Tuesday. So please be timely with this.  
            • Please submit all blurbs to kristinjessup@gmail.com or bellgrahameblast@gmail.com

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